The Beatles Rock Band
The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle
The first details regarding the Fab Four's first foray into music gaming were released last week. It will come with a full set of Beatles-branded instruments, including a Höfner Bass controller that's a large-scale replica of the guitar famously used by Paul McCartney, as well as a Beatles-inspired, Ludwig-branded drum kit with pearl finish and a vintage replica kick drum head. There's even a mic stand in the box - a first for a music game!

Customers ordering Beatles Rock Band titles will receive a special code to allow them to join the Rock Band Pre-order Club. The European website for the Pre-order Club is not yet live. Customers will be emailed their code nearer to the release date, once the site is live.

The Beatles: Rock Band
will arrive the same day the Fab Four's entire remastered discography is released. 09-09-09

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