Trivial Pursuit: The Beatles Collectors Edition

Trivial Pursuit - The Beatles

Trivial Pursuit: The Beatles Collectors Edition.
How well do you know John Lennon and The Beatles? Now you can show off your knowledge by running through over 2,500 fab questions from six categories covering two decades of everything Beatles - including their history, music, movies, album and single releases, their rise to fame in America and their post-Beatles pursuits. There's a challenge for every fan as players rock-n-roll a unique Beatles die to determine the question level: easy, medium or hard! And a customized game board totally rocks with an all-new bonus track that creates more strategy, more interaction and more Beatlemania as players enter different zones including Come Together, All You Need Is Love, Get Back and Ticket to Ride. It's a game you will want to play Eight Days A Week!

UK Trivial Pursuit
US Trivial Pursuit

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  1. hello there i just want to say that i loooooove the beatles!!!!!